The Kransenians


The Kransenians

Welcome Earthling

We, the Kransenians, are a music and dance group. Because our creator, Leo Krans, does not want to be on stage, we dance and sing to his music. He is very good, so we decided to help him. Don't tell anybody, be he even can't play an instrument. He does everything on his computer. If you think because of that, it can't be any good, you will be surprised.

As you will probably have seen, we are not humans. This is because we are from a different planet. We dance a lot at our planet, but we did not like the music anymore at our place. It used to be good, but somehow it changed. This was happening on all other planets too. It is not about music anymore, it is about money and showing off. Something is missing now. So yes, we have the same problems as you, earthling.

But one day, we were listening to out intergalactic radio and we heard some wonderful music. It was send from Earth. We figured out it came from Leo Krans. And because he did not want to come to our planet, we moved to Earth. So that is why we are here. We made a verbal agreement. Leo creates music and we dance and sing it. To avoid confusing, all is published under our name, the Kransenians.

We always feel good, but the music of Leo Krans, does even make us feel better. His music makes us dance and improve our lives. His music style is hard to describe. We have heard nice and gentle music, but also more poppy and the harder stuff. It looks a lot like your music from the 60's en 70's and older. He also likes mixing up styles. Like Leo, we do not care what style the music is. As long as it feels good and because of that, touches us. Our dance style is also whatever we like. We do from ballet to hip-hop. It is about fun and not which music style.

If you want a description of his music style, he calls it feel good music. This can be from easy listening (even classical music) to hard rock. For Leo, melody and a touchy beat are the most important parts. Otherwise he will not create it. And we will not dance on it. We do not dance to music we do not like. It would feel fake. We only want real music.

Above left you can hear our music. 5 out of 10 songs from our first album" Happiedidodapa ". Be warned, the music is a bit sticky. Once it is in your head, it will stay there forever. The same happened to us. I, and the other Kransenians, could not forget his music. That is why we moved to Earth. So think first, before you hit the play buttons. You could become addicted too and become a fan. So be careful if you cannot resist good music, because there will a buy button soon.

What is a Kransenian?

A Kransenian is someone who is honest and feels young. Unfortunately many / most human adults have lost this or are going to loose it when they grow up. I say unfortunately, because feeling young is one of the most important features one should have. It brings pleasure into your life. Yes, an adult changes because of responsibilities, etc, but that does not mean feeling young has to move out of your life.

Not feeling young anymore, means most of the time becoming boring. Feeling young means enjoying life. We do not mean being childish, because this is for children.

This is one of the reasons we came to your planet. We want to bring a bit more happiness to Earth. We will dance for you and share our music. Someone who feels old, will probably not like us. But that is not our problem.

Very soon there will be items with "I am a Kransenian" in the shop. And this stands for honest and young feeling persons. With these items, there will be a fair change others are going to ask what a Kransenian is. Good for starting a conversation and feeling a bit rebels. A T-shirt that can make you feel young(er). It can keep you on the honest and young feeling track. We have noticed many adults leave this track and become boring. Boring means the joy of life has moved out.

If you dance, you feel young, like a child. Nothing wrong with that. Only boring people will disapprove. But young feeling persons will understand.

Our concert

We have a concert soon. Unfortunately all tickets are sold out. In 7 seconds they were all gone. But the good news is, at least one of the songs will be online as a video on YouTube. You will see dancing like you have never seen before. Keep an eye on this site.

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Updated November 14, 2017

More to follow

There is a lot more coming. It only takes a while to create it.