The Kransenians

The Kransenians

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What are the Kransenians

The Kransenians are animations for my music. To avoid confusing, the music is also assigned to the Kransenians. So they are also my "band." For the music, visit my music site. But there is some overlap.

Is there going to be more??

Probably / maybe. It depends on how it is going. Creating animation is a lot of work. I don't mind doing that, but if I can't get the Kransenians started, I am not going the sit behind my computer all day anymore. With started I mean being noticed on YouTube. With very few subscribers and not many views, I am down in the search results and only a small group will see it.

I can create a lot of videos, like the one inserted here. And I like doing it. But this consumes all my time. It is not shoot some video, do some editing and upload. So if you like the Kransenians so far (much more is in my head), help me by promoting it by for instance sharing, playlists and subscribing. So not asking for purchases. Every minute, 300 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube. So without a lot of subscribers, it will be very hard to start something new and without budget. Much more about this at the FAQ.

Who am I ?

I am Leo Krans. I am a songwriter / arranger / "choreographer" / animator and almost a singer. Five fun things in one sentence. Because I create my music on a computer, it is not easy to create music video clips. Slowly my Kransenians animation was born. So now it is possible to create music video clips which are a bit different as what you are used to.

It has been a very long time since I was in my teen time, but I am still a bit in that mood. In other words, I never lost my inner child. So now I can translate the things I am feeling into animation. Many become too adult after their teen time. They loose a lot of the fun part in life. Playing soccer, dancing and for instance animation, are the feel good things which are not in this world for children only. For this see my self improvement site.

What are my related links
iTunes: The album Happididodapa and future ones.
Spotify: Do I need to explain this?
Kransenians CD: Very soon.
YouTube: Kransenians channel. For comments, etc.
Facebook: Online, but not active yet.
Soundcloud: Listen to 5 full songs from the album.
iTunes stream: Listen to my songs.
Leo Krans music: The one responsible for all this. (me)
Kransenians shop: Our / other weird stuff. 50+ items.
Subscribe newsletter: For all updates and discounts.

If you have a very important reason for contacting me, you can do it here. If you like all this, or not, let me know at social media. Most active right now is at YouTube.

There will be a lot more coming. More clips and more music. If you do not want to miss anything, subscribe for the newsletter. New music for instance, cannot be posted on YouTube. Those announcements are in the newsletter only.

Good music is like meditation. It brings you to a higher feel good level. With animation I can add fun.

For sharing this site, see links on top.

So why animation for my music and not performing?

I don't want to be on stage myself because it is very time consuming. You need a band, rehearsing, traveling, etc.

Can't play an instrument yet. It is on my list for a while.

Don't like to perform the same songs over and over again, because fans expect that. I prefer creating new songs.

I like my freedom. No hurry in the morning.

If I feel relaxed, I can create better music and animation. For creating you need peace of mind.

With animation I have many more options as the average video clip. Less boring. More fun. Weird stuf. Impossible things.