The Kransenians


Kransenians FAQ

Q: Are you going to continue with this?
A: Probably. The plans are creating a lot of animated video clips like the one finished. But, and this is a big but, it depends on how things are going. I don't mind hard working. I have a long list of future things I can create. But getting something new started is hard. The most important starting point for this is YouTube. But every minute, 300 hours of new videos are uploaded. Think about this. So, starting something new on YouTube with very few subscribers, will fail most of the time, because these videos cannot be found. YouTube puts the best search result on top. So new videos with few subscribers will be 10 floors beneath the basement. You only can see low view videos, if you click on users at the comment section. There you will see "10 views, 3 subscribers" in 3 years. That is why I have ads to get started.

The quality of the videos does not change this situation. I know for sure there are many good videos hidden somewhere. They do not have the change of getting started.

So, this is my situation. New at YouTube, not many subscribers, like to create and having many ideas. Probably I can get this started, but if I cannot get out of the boondocks, I am not keep on creating animation. This consumes all my time. The hard work is not the problem, but doing it for nothing is. Creating animation is not the same as almost all other videos on YouTube. A putting a make-up video, can be created in one hour. Maybe few hours editting and voila, new upload. There is no way I can create daily, or even weekly uploads. The first video took me 1 month and the second (not uploaded right now) took me 3 months. It will go much faster in the future, but one video a day is impossible. And I want to maintain a certain quality level.

Q: So how can I help?
A: Help to get me of the ground. Most important is subscribing (mainly YouTube), playlists and sharing (YouTube/ buttons above). But only if you like it and you want more. You should not support something you do not like. So it is not about purchases. This is good for my wallet, but not for getting this new project started. I think the Kransenians are going to make it, but my glass bol is out of order. So I have no idea.

Q: What can we expect?
A: A lot and weird stuff. I have a long list of the things I want to do. I "only" have to create it. If you do not like my latest video, you probably are not going to like the rest. If you do like it (somehow), you probably are going to like the rest to, because it comes from the same source (me).

After the simple introducing video, is the first "live" performance on stage for an audiance. There will be more of these. Because these are very time comsuming, I'll try to produce "easier" videos so it doesn't take too long till the next one. These series can be created faster and will be named something like "Weird dance part 1", etc. Somewhere far in the future there will be other things.

There is also a shop. For now, only a few things, because it is not the most important thing. I only wanted it to setup. Most, if not all products, will be a bit different / weird. Some are Kransenians related; others only unusual.

Q: I want to know some more about your music.
A: Well, visit my music site for this. This site is mainly animation. Link at the main page.

Q: Why is your animation (a bit) weird?
A: Because it is not average. You are used to average, so everything else is often marked as weird. Some can handle it, others can't. But average is boring, because everybody is doing it.

Q: Do you create and ship the CD and other merchandise?
A: No. I do not have the time for this. I also do not have the equipment and the storage space. And others can do it in a much more professional way.

Q: What if there is problem with shipments?
A: Contact the manufacturer. You will receive emails after a purchase.

Q: Are there more questions?
A: No, couldn't make up more. My music site has some more FAQ's.