The Kransenians


Kransenians FAQ

Q: I want to know some more about your music.
A: Well, we do not know much about this. We only dance and sing the music created for us. Maybe you can find some more info on the site from Leo Krans. Link at the main page.

Q: Why are you so weird?
A: To be honest. We do not think we are weird. We are having fun, dancing, singing and ejoying life. This is not weird. In our eyes this is normal. Not having fun is weird. That is why we think you think we are weird. With our visit to Earth, we hope we can spread some "weirdness" here, because you have a shortness here of that. We have plenty, so you can have some of ours.

Q: Do you, the Kransenians, create and ship the CD and other merchandise?
A: No. We do not have the time for this. We are very busy with dance rehearsing and singing new music so we can entertain you. Besides that we do not have the equipment and the storage space. And others can do it in a much more professional way.
What do you prefer? Dancing or working? Be honest.

Q: What if there is problem with shipments?
A: Contact the manufacturer. You will receive emails after a purchase.

Q: Are there more questions?
A: No. So if you don't mind we are going back to do some more dancing. You can also visit the site from Leo. He has more FAQ.